Arid Zone Afforestation NPO (AZA)

Arid Zone Afforestation NPO (AZA) is a non profit organization that acts, via perpetual afforestations, in arid, semi-arid and deserted areas where rainfall is limited or non existent.

Our Mission:

Reforestation and afforestation of arid areas and deserts

Research to combat desertification and soil erosion

Planting of fruit trees and trees for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use

Experimental tree planting in deserts

Research and experimental planting to regenerate corroded and deserted areas

Protection of the environment and combating climate change by any means

Any activity directly or indirectly related to the realisation of the above

Reforestation of burned land


All of AZA’s income assets and resources are derived exclusively from

Subscriptions and contributions of the organization’s partners and supporters

Donations and sponsorships

Inheritances and bequests

Originate from

Me and You

Natural persons

Private and public legal entities

Government grants foundations

European Union grants and programs

United Nations grants and programs

Grants by institutions and organisations



All general assets acquired by AZA since its launch


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